Need a decent ethernet NAT router with WAN port + at least 4 LAN ports which can port forward multiple external VIPs. Any recommendations?

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I use Netscreens for this. The most stable ones that I've found are the 5GTs, which are a generation old. The SSG5s have an impressive feature set, but I've had trouble with them dropping database connections, and I'm in the middle of replacing one with a Cisco ASA 5505. I don't have an opinion of it yet.
Thanks for the recommendation, Matt. That's really helpful. The SSG5 looks like it could be ideal for us.
I've had good luck with the SSG 5's - rock solid in my history with them. I've also used SSG 140's with good luck due to needing gigabit FW/routing between segments.
Thanks Jeff, that's good to know.


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