I want something that I can connect one end via ethernet to the switch in my rack, configure an IP on it, plug the other end via KVM cables into a server and connect to it remotely.

I don't want to get another rack mounted device. Ideally just something I can plug into the server I am working on, drive home and carry on working remotely.


This looks like the perfect thing,




but on reading the manual to see how to configure the network address, it appears to me that you need to plug it into something like this




I may be wrong about that and I will have to call up APC to find out.


Does anyone know what I should be buying? Any recommendations for other solutions greatly appreciated.

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I think are no solution without any KVM switch in the rack. I have Raritan and before I use Avocent, both have 2 parts, one KVM to mount in the rack and a "special" connector to connect to servers over USB or PS/2. If you have found other solution please let me know.

Look at the Lantronix Spider. I use them for clients and think they're great! The Planet used to use them for in-rack KVMoIP.

Cheers Wesley


That was exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. I was just not sure that such a thing existed and I was struggling to find information.

However in the meantime I went ahead and got an Aten CN8000 KEM on the NET Switch which is a bit more cumbersome that I wanted and does require it to be plugged into power.

As an unexpected bonus it is well supported from a Linux Desktop which makes a nice change as nearly all these sort of things require you to run a CD on Windows to just connect to the thing ( or resort to minicom ).


I just found my notes when I was researching single node KVMoIP devices. I'll just dump them here for your reference. I should probably blog about this topic.

  • Avocent DSR1024 Single-port IP KVM (Has been replaced with "Avocent MergePoint Unity family, but I can't find a single-user device)
  • Minicom PX 1 to 1 KVM over IP Server Access and Control with Virtual Media
  • Raritan Dominion KX II-101
    • Expensive as heck and I think the Lantronix does just as good for half the price.
  • Raritan eRIC G4
  • AdderLink IPEPS
  • Lantronix SecureLinx Spid


Hi Richard.

We've used the HPIP consoles before but have switched over to the Dell solution (KVM 2162DS) which it more cost effective.  We use our KVMoIP often but find that iLO or DRAC to be more useful in that you can hit the virtual power button if the server is locked up.  This is very helpful when you get paged in the middle of the night for an unresponsive server because you can cold boot it and go back to sleep!

My .02



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