I was thinking about starting a sysadmin-network IRC channel... for about 2 seconds. Then I realized how redundant that would be. I know there are plenty of SysAdmin / Network Admin IRC channels out there. I used to hang on some a year or more ago.

However, is there a definitive list of sysadmin / IT related channels out there? Anyone have a good start?

Maybe I should start hanging in more IRC channels... If I did I'd have to kill off some IM networks though. Said as I type to someone on GTalk. Live conversation can kill so much of my time...

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I hang out on #LOPSA quite a lot, though I never really pay attention
A quick look on freenode.net turned up #sysadmins (currently 1 user) and #chatty_sysadmins (currently 2 users),
Well I suppose 2 people are likely to be more chatty than someone in a room on their own :)

I think it would be good if there was an IRC channel for members of The SysAdmin Network, or a group on identi.ca or something.
Forums and Blogs are good but feel a bit permanent when sometimes you just want to chew the fat.

I don't know of any sysadmin IRC channels but I occasionally log into #centos and #centos-social and ##linux on freenode (as richardjh).
The general tone of these channels is mostly server related but obviously specific to Linux and not so much chat and mostly for questions and answers.

Where did you use to hang out?
I would use my IRC client to log into multiple networks: EFnet, Undernet, DALnet and Quakenet. From there I'd search for geeky topics. There are a few SysAdmin channels as well as Windows Server and Network Admin channels. I was never a fixture on them so I don't even know which network they were on. I probably let my IRC client abstract that layer too much for me so I sometimes never knew which network I was on. confusing when there's a #NetworkAdmin on three of the four networks. Sometimes I wouldn't know which one was which.

I suppose we could start a SysAdmin Network IRC channel... with the blessing of the benevolent overlords. I'm still thinking it's redundant, but am willing to be proven wrong.
Did you ever find/create something Wesley? I've been looking for a good place to hang out too.
Perefer irc.

As for chat, I've been hanging out at ServerFault's "The Comms Room". If you go to Serverfault.com, at the top is a link that says "Chat". All shold be self evident at that point. You have to have a certain amount of reputation points to chat, but I think it's minimal. Answering a few questions should garner you enough.


Also, if you're going to be getting som epoints on Serverfault, you might as well join my 10K challenge. =)

i haven't hung out on IRC in.. actually, it would be 10+ years now !



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