Anyone come across 48Upper from HP yet? 


It seems to be a service (currently in beta) that lets IT professionals talk to each other about their issues, while giving them some tools to filter out sensitive details about their companies. 


Naturally, none of this has come from the official website, which is stunningly devoid of explanation.  For non-informative videos, this has got to take some kind of prize:


(though it did make me laugh)  I think HP is actually making an ironic statement about social computing and the workplace.... What's your theory? 

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Oddly, I have a post on my blog scheduled concerning this upcoming community. Stay tuned this Wednesday...
.... I had no idea and somewhere deep in my soul I really wish I still didn't.

My experiences with HP haven't been fantastic so far, so I have to wonder what will bring.
Okay, so my blog post about 48Upper was published:

I actually got a response from an HP person in the comments. He seemed to agree with my observations. Does anyone think I was either too harsh or off the mark in anything?


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